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I'm a Q-U-E-E-N~

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OH HAI DERE! I see you're all up in my profile. Whyfore? Is it because you want to know more about me? You do? Okay then. I like stuff. There you go. :D But srsly though, LJ isn't really the way to go if you're curious, because 9/10 times I'm probably just on here goofing off. Hell, I rarely even update my own journal. :\ BUT IF YOU REALLY WANNA TAKE THE INTIATIVE, then by all means, friend me. And make sure you tell me where you know me from so I won't be all "O_o" when I see you've ~mysteriously~ popped up on my list. Oh, and one more thing, if you just kinda sit there, then you'll most likely be removed. Sorry bb. :(